Dental Exam


Preventive Dentistry is the most important service we offer. A thorough examination is  the place to start for a healthy mouth and body. Checking teeth for decay is just part of a thorough exam.  Many other health and dental problems can be detected with regular exams. The time to correct these problems is before they cause discomfort. The mouth is the gateway to the body. Research has shown that  good oral health may prevent many health  problems. The American Dental Association recommends a dental exam every six months.


                      A comprehensive  Dental exam consists of the following:

            Periodontal Exam

                                           – Bleeding gums

                                           -Recession of the gums

                                            – Tooth mobility
                                            – Bad Breath


Teeth examination 

                              -Evidence of tooth decay
                              -Cracked or Broken teeth
                              -Check for damaged Filling, Crowns and Bridges
                               -Review fit and condition of Removable Prosthesis
Orthodontic Exam

                               -Need for Straighter teeth
                               -Straight teeth perform better, wear down less,
                                  are easier to maintain  and promotes healthier gums
Aesthetic Evaluation

                                 -Rate the appearance of the smile
                                 -Are teeth dark, crooked, open spaces, too short,
                                        chipped, or worn down
                                  -Explore options to improve the smile
Oral Cancer Exam

                                   -Check the face, neck, palate,throat,lips ,tongue and
                                              tissue for any lumps or irregular tissue changes.
                                    – Risk factors are smoking, tobacco, excessive alcohol,
                                                sun exposure or family history
TMJ Screening

                                    -Check for Symptoms of the Temporomandibular Joint
                                      and muscles of the jaw.